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Captives: Breakers, Book 6

Edward W. Robertson has been experimenting with different tools of literature for quite a while now the fans can observe the shift from fantasy to mysteries and then comes the thrillers. The hint was quite clear in Cut Off when we see the brother and sister striving for a way out. Here the life of Walt Lawson is under discussion whose life comes under the radar when his wife is kidnapped.

After years of working in different tough places Walt Lawson finally finds a quite niche in his life with his girlfriend Carrie. It was a safe haven for both of them until the day when Carrie was kidnapped and taken away. No one knows what happened to her or who took her and for what purpose.

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Lawson is left with nothing except the trace of the car that took her and now in order to save her he has to come in the world from which he was trying to hide for many years. The gang wars are not new for the man all he wants is to get the love of his life back that is under threat.

There is news in the air that the gang who has kidnapped her is trying to take her abroad and if it succeeds then she would be gone forever. But as Lawson comes out in the open there is another threat a man named Thom James is on his tail. Lawson was involved in the killing of Thom’s brother and now the man wants revenge. It is like trouble in paradise for the old warrior whose personality is depicted by the master narrator Ray Chase to extreme perfection.

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