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Caribbean is a fine novel written by James A. Michener in a very interesting writing style. Just as the name suggests, this novel stretches to the historic events of Caribbean and tells a great fictional story using those events and fictional characters. This is what the author James A. Michener is known for in many of his novels that he has written so far. If you want to listen to more such audiobooks by the author then the best choice for you could be the The Source and Centennial novels.

Caribbean in its audio format is narrated by Alexander Adams. His performance was quite good. He used a typical high pitch voice at times, which is not much suitable for the type of novels written by James A. Michener. However, it wasn’t much a big deal as the performance overall was quite more than satisfactory.

Caribbean is an acclaimed classic novel by Michener which sweeps its listeners right off to the Caribbean. It brings to life the unrestrained history and the eternal pull associated with the sparkling string of the islands. From the conquest of Arawaks in 1310 by the cannibals that led to the decline of the Mayan empire. The journey continues from the arrival of Columbus t the notorious reign of Henry Morgan and from the Haiti’s slave revolt to the epic rise of Fidel Castro. Caribbean has 700 amazing and dramatic years in its history.

It is a grand epic and Michener is a master of producing such interesting and flawless novels. The book sympathizes with the many struggles of the most oppressed people of the community. It finally succeeds in the end for presenting the Caribbean in its very rich diversity.

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