Carl’s Doomsday Scenario

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Carl’s Doomsday Scenario: Dungeon Crawler Carl, Book 2

Entire earth changed into a dungeon in a single day and the people living on earth became the players of the game which apparently has no ending. Those trapped in the dungeon must find a way to level up before the time limit ends. Moreover attracting more and more audience towards yourself can provide you the help which you would need in your journey. Matt Dinniman has brought a new dimension to this game world in this new instalment and the life of the players become more miserable than ever.

Carl and Princess Donut are among those lucky ones who have survived till now and they are not thinking about achieving anything rather survival has become their primary goal. Jeff Hays has given more time to narrate these two main characters perfectly in this episode. Carl has reached the Over City where murdered prostitutes can be found in abundance and there is magic which can be felt in all directions.

If the listener wants to spend more time in such mysterious worlds then he can get The Gate of the Feral Gods and Dungeon Crawler Carl along with this book. World apparently comes to an end after every timeout in this series and there are millions who lose their life in this level up situation.

The survivors only buy more time to search for a way out of this mess and till now none has been successful in getting out of the dungeon which the aliens call a game. For Carl and the Princess it is a war which has brought them closer to one another but it can also separate them permanently.

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