Carnival Row: Tangle in the Dark

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Story about a carnival is precisely for the people who have been to one or visits carnivals or several occasions because only then can you understand what Stephanie K. Smith wanted to say. The Faeries and human along with their political and social scenarios are given importance. The characters like several such books are not presented in a fully developed mode they develop as the story continues.

Thus you are never bored of the new flavor being added to it all the time. We also cannot expect when we would get a romantic scene or a chaos for the whole characters at once. The fantasy goes up and down in sentiments and emotions but still the pace is sheer and there is nothing to grumble about once you start listening to it in.

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Karla Crome’s narration is an extra edge; the narrator is famous for infusing energy in such dark fantasies. The change that we feel is that the story is not with a noble main character at all. It’s a Fae poet professor whom we meet as the main character and we soon learn that he is a lesbian as well because of which he works in a brothel to satisfy his physical urges every now and then. There are some gestures of non-fantasy elements as well but the main thing is mostly a fantasy.

No rise and fall of any sort can be analyzed and the story moves on a single stream line with dramatic dialogues but no blunt or hasty moves. The writer has intentionally made the story appear this way so that we can easily digest the main material.




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