Carpe Jugulum

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Kingdom of Lancre faces huge conspiracies in this new installment of the Discworld as the witches and vampires combine for a party. Mightily Oats came as a priest to the party and he thought that it would all be simple but then he realized the hypnotic attack by the vampires.

Agnes was the other one who was not affected because of her difference from the rest of the band. The vampires were actually there for a takeover on Lancre and that’s why they wanted to control the minds of everyone before they launch the final attack.

The witches were also under the effect and only Granny Weatherwax was safe because she never got the invitation to the party. Weatherwax’s invitation was stolen by Magpie and the witch thought that she was ignored by the kingdom of Lancre.

That’s why when Oats and the other witches come to Weatherwax for a help she denies in an angry mode. After many differences and issues the witches that performed miracles in Wyrd Sisters and Witches Abroad come back for another mission. With their cunning planning and abilities they remain successful in taming the vampires. Terry Pratchett’s best characters receive and outstanding narration by Nigel Planer.

Each witch can be distinguished by her voice quality and accent that portrays her whole character. Real clever ending amazes the fans because most of us were expecting raw fights instead the game of blood samples takes over. Also there is a talk about mortal wounds that are given to the vampires by the priest; such things join the story with the old rituals that were once performed by church.

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