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Carrie By Stephen King

The impactful voice of Sissy Spacek and the creativity of Stephen King is what that makes this Carrie novel a huge success. If you are into the horror genre of stories, then this one will surely inspire you a lot with the characterization of the writer. He is excellent in understanding the mentality of the readers and what actually could make this horror story stand out from the other ones in the genre.

The story talks about Carrie White, who was really not a simple teenage girl-next-door. She was shy and an introvert and was always an easy target of bullies at school. It was her telekinetic powers which she used as a weapon to shield himself from all those people who pusher her to limits.

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For most of the sensitive readers, this story is not just a horror narration, but actually a tragedy. The writer’s attention to detail and his expertise in connecting to the characters beautifully depicts the miseries of the character Carrie. People of all ages just love and readers/ listeners of this story always have a very refreshing experience, even when they go on to read it for the second, third or fourth time even. It is more so because of the ever-changing sense of understanding of the people, with their growing age.

Stephen King, no wonder is the best in the business. This could be very safely said by listening to his several other horror audiobooks. Some of the most popular ones are It, and the Mist.

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