Carry On

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“Carry on” starts like some other stories about the magical lands, after one or two chapters it drifts from the routine style stories and starts on a new path. Simon Snow the chosen one in the world of magic was found by the principal of the Watford school. No one knows where he came from and who his parents were; the only thing that everyone remembers is prophesy that points at him. This is his last year in the school of magic and he has not earned a lot of fame as regard to his performance in the school.

His magic most of the time just backfire or it goes out of hands, thus spreading nightmarish situation in the school. Rainbow Rowell has also introduced an irritating roommate for Simon Snow. Baz is the name of the roommate and he is actually a vampire. Somehow Simon thinks that Baz is the nemesis that he would have to face at the end. One more enemy is there in the story and his name is Humdrum, no one has seen him but when he reveals himself he looks just like Simon only a little younger.

It is Penelope and Baz that solve this riddle toward the end; Baz presents his theory that whenever Simon uses magic he creates black spots in the world. It was one big black spot that created Humdrum that’s why he possesses Simon’s face.  Ending of this book solved many things but still many remains that would gain clarity in Wayward Son. Euan Morton uses the charisma of his magical voice to paint this story of a magical land that has fun and fear together.


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