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Marriages used to take place in the past for the sake of political gains. It was quite common in the eras of kings and queens as they used to establish such bonds for the sake of more power or stability in their land. Princess Alesandra never thought that she would face such a problem in her life because she had quite a good relationship with her father but after the death of the king, things suddenly slip out of Alesandra’s hands.

She gets the opportunity to take hold of the empire but she knows in her heart that she does not possess the ability to command the state without a real king. So she must find the right Englishman for herself as quickly as possible otherwise she is going to lose the throne as well. Though she is ready to marry for political gain her heart beats for Colin i.e the man who saved her life in the most terrible situation. The kiss that they exchanged at that point was the development of love that they cannot control now.

They try to hide their feelings because they are fully aware that their love affair is not going to end well but the thing just captures their mind permanently. Heather Wilds has narrated the story here and he wasn’t there in The Wedding or Hotshot so it was a new experience for him. Julie Garwood’s work needs proper attention from the narrator and the listener because it is developed on sensations and feelings of pure love. Such stories are mind blowing on every level but the listener has to concentrate first.

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