Cat Fight

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The science fiction genre with a touch of paranormal fantasy fiction is something of a very fine combination in the literary writing world, where all the fantasy writers might not have that particular expertise.

However, our very own Faith Hinter is someone with an excellent command over the genre and she has proved this time and again with some really fantastic novels. The entire Jane Yellowrock novel series is a great reflection of that, where Cat Fight is just a chapter out of it.

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It is actually a short novel, which not only finished in good time, but will develop your more interest to go through the entire Jane Yellowrock novel series. A great feature of this novel is the voice of Khristine Hvam who gave a brilliant performance as a narrator with her beautiful and highly expressive voice.

The story in this short novel revolves around the vampires and witches of Bayou, who are all set and in a battle over the magical talisman. Jane is forced to figure out that how she could manage to keep the suspicious relic right out of the envious hands of the New Orleans Master. In every venture of Jane Yellowrock, stakes are very high and she didn’t even care about her own life when serving a mission.

If you are looking to explore more novels from Jane Yellowrock then you should first check out her top quality novels, which namely are Skinwalker and Shattered Bonds. These novels are from the Jane Yellowrock novel series and those really means business for Faith Hunter as they were immensely well received by the general audience and then the literary writing critics as well. Member Benefit

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