Catalyst (Star Wars)

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No matter how many times you go through the start war series you always remain hungry for the next part of the series. The rebellious nature of different races and the courage and bravery of different heroes can be seen in plenty as we move from one planetary system to another in the quest for the unification of the universe which is of course never possible.

The novel is related to the new movie The Rogue One and James Luceno inculcates a new hope this time and also has made a brilliant character that acts as the rebel in the novel and has a hidden agenda of his own.

The plot like always is nicely woven and the writer like the previous books Star Wars: Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader and Tarkin: Star Wars has once again written the plot first and after that the characters and the rest of the ingredients are added in it. This is a unique way but is quite affective as far as this series is concerned. The novel also has some historical references as well related to the life of Galen Urso who provided a design for a machine that could provide power to the Death Star.

Galen just wanted to provide the universe with an unlimited source of power but unintentionally he creates the most destructive weapon in the universe and the hunger for power restarts among the stars and the races that live among them. Thus the novel is a kind of restart to the Star Wars for the power source again. Jonathan Davis has narrated the novel inn his high pitched tone which is quite appealing for the listeners.


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