Catch and Kill

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Catch and Kill is a nonfiction book, which is particularly related with incidents from history. The book is everything about lies, spies and setting up controversies in order to protect the predators. It is written by Ronan Farrow. Ronan Farrow himself is the narrator of this novel as well, which shows is versatility in the literary domain. And, he has done well both as the writer and narrator of this book.

Ronan Farrow himself is an investigative reporter and also a proud recipient of the Pulitzer Prize. It was in 2017, when a normal TV investigation led the author to a tale, which was only once whispered about. It was actually about one of the most influential producers of Hollywood, who was a predator, protected by wealth, fear and the unwanted conspiracy of silence. Just as Ronan Farrow came much closer to the truth, he witnessed some shadowy operatives who were actually high priced lawyers, elite spies and all this was frightening and threatening his career as a journalist.

Farrow and his program producer had to face resistance to some extent, which they actually couldn’t explain, even until now. Further, the trail of certain clues uncovered heaps of corruption and having the cover-ups from everywhere ranging from Hollywood to Washington and beyond even.

The book is actually an untold story about some definite techniques of surveillance and fear deployed by rich and also linked men to threaten the journalists, silence the victims of abuse and evade all sorts of accountability.

War on Peace and Catch and Kill are other splendid pieces of work from the author. Ronan Farrow. If you have enjoyed the subject book, then you would definitely love these recommended novels as well.



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