Catching the Wind

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The Nazis destroyed the life of many innocent families and no doubt the effects of their ill doings can still be felt. Lives and property was lost and for many surviving after that deadly and savage act of the Nazis was not an easy task. Melanie Dobson writes something of this length for the first time and the author has arranged the scenes with quite artistic touch. The story moves on two levels, one portion is in the past that is revealed according to the investigation that is going on in the present.

Dietmar and Brigitte lost their parents as the result of war and they know that death is approaching to them very soon in the form of Nazi soldiers. The only way the two teenagers can stop death is to run away from Germany as far as they can. Reaching a place as far as England was not easy at all in those days when there were lesser transport facilities.

Also the transport too was in the hands of the enemy who were searching for the two like mad dogs. Story after a few incidents then shifts back in the present where the investigation is going on related to the dramatic escape of the two. Thus this wonderful balance between the shifts of scenes makes it really charming for history lover.

Nancy Peterson narrated this first novel by Melanie Dobson in such a way that she was hired later for the other two Memories of Glass and Chateau of Secrets: A Novel by the same author. Nancy appears more English though even narrating Nazis but its fine as long as the words are understandable.

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