Cemetery Road

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Grey Iles takes us to the world of crimes and political upset that always affect the economy as well and when the economy takes a death blow in any civilized world crime usually tend to grow and the life of the decent citizens are disturbed. The areas under satire are Washington D.C and the states like Mississippi where the crime rate is always high not because of the law and order situation but because of the political game as well that the rich play in order to save themselves from the web of law.

Marshall McEwan the main characters is really lifelike though there are certain dramatic aspects related to his life but still his approach is that of a normal human being. We can observe such characters in other stories of Grey like The Quiet Game, Natchez Burning, the writer takes an issue related to the society and then brings in special characters to solve the issue an ideal manner.

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Marshall returns to his home town though he vowed that he would never come back to that place after he had left it when he was eighteen, he had to return because of his father’s health issue and also the family business of the newspaper was going out of hand because of the economic instability of the state.Marshall as a famous Journalist wants to hold things together but the thing that troubles him the most is Jet’s marriage joined her to the family that runs a shadow organization.

The suspense and thrill in the story arise when Jet is forced to defend his father-in-law in a murder case and Marshall knows that the family influence is again playing its role to hide the facts. Everything about the story is just superb, the narration by Scott Brick is excellent as the whispering tone and then violence in speech attracts our attention every now and then.



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