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James A. Michener is the author of Centennial who is known for his dramatic stories involving certain American places and the history associated. Centennial is a similar genre fiction novel that earned a lot of appreciation as soon as it got published. James A. Michener has a good long list of such fantastic and popular novels. A couple of these brilliant novels are Hawaii and Alaska.

Larry McKeever is the narrator of this audiobook. He probably didn’t managed to live up to the expectations of the audience as the performance was quite below average. He was having difficulty with correctly pronouncing some names of the places. It was so frustrating at times that he even struggled to pronounce Arkansas which apparently is not too difficult to try verbally.

The book is written to commemorate the Bicentennial that happened in the year 1976. The magnificent saga of James A. Michener about the West is actually an exciting celebration of the frontier. The book has the story of Colorado. It is a place that is manifested through its own people. The story is about Levi Zendt who flee along with his child bride and then Jim Lloyd, a cowboy who falls in love with a cultured woman, Charlotte. In Centennial, traders, ranchers, homesteaders, hunters, trappers and gold seekers are all brought together in some dramatic conflicts which actually shape the destiny of the West, and actually the entire country.

This is one hell of a book that James A. Michener has written so masterly. He will engross and fascinate you completely with his writing. He is definitely one of the finest storytellers of his time who offered such amazing pieces of literary writing to the book lovers.

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