Cerulean Sins

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The start of the story presented a different kind of Anita Blake and here she stands opposite to what she once was. Killing the monsters and saving the world from their lust was her primary goal in the initial stages of her life. Slowly however the appeal towards Jean-Claude changed her and she also got the chance to see in the world of the vampires more deeply.

As she moved deeper into the relationship with the vampire master her soul started corrupting too. Then she met the other side of the monsters through Micah i.e the shape-shifter. After establishing a relationship with two of these deadly monsters Anita herself is not fully human anymore.

Sharing the same lust and physical needs has taken her away from the human world but her goal remains the same. She wants to establish peace between all the creatures of the world so that there could be less bloodshed between them. Guilty Pleasures and Narcissus in Chains are all about Anita’s missions against those who want to destroy the peace for which she has sacrificed much. Another ancient vampire appears on the scene here and he wants to take down Jean-Claude at any rate.

Anita of course cannot allow all of that as the shift of power can make her world collapse within seconds. Her love for Jean has become intense too and she just cannot let it out of her hands. Laurell K. Hamilton presents a different side of Anita that is more barbaric in approach and possesses an extreme thirst for physical pleasures. Just like Jean she relishes on sexual pleasures now. Cynthia Holloway’s narration portrays the thirst very neatly and accurately. There is something in the voice that can tell that the girl is not normal anymore.


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