Chain of Gold

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Another war tale by Cassandra Clare in which a girl gets the leading role whose father gets punished wrongly. Being a Shadowhunter Cordelia’s life has been pure action since the day she was born. Fights and deception she faced in plenty in her childhood but this time her father is in trouble. Her father gets caught because of the crime which he never committed and all the doors of mercy have been closed on him. One chance remains for the survival of the old man i.e Cordelia.

But Cordelia’s mother has other plans in mind; she wants to see her daughter becoming a bride. Just to save the family Cordelia comes to London where she never expected she would find James. James and Lucie are her friends since she was a little girl and they show readiness to aid her once again. One thing she has never revealed to anyone is her crush on James from the day she saw him for the first time in her life. Together the three start seeing another side of the city where magical creatures rule everything.

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Vampires and mermaids are not hard to find in this part of the world. Soon this utopia for the magical creatures gets a shocker when demons attack the city. Cordelia of course is a Shadowhunter who gets into action but these demons show different characteristics. Finty Williams the appointed narrator for the novel just grips the listener’s mind and heart with the sparkling voice quality. The City of Bones and City of Ashes was the best by Cassandra before this one. After listening to this mix of real and fairytale stuff one would not love anything else in fiction for sure. Member Benefit

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