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Chapter five was a kind of prologue for this chapter as the previous chapter depicted the upcoming destruction of the planet. The destruction never reached the climax because there were several forces that were trying to protect or preserve the inhabitants of the planet.

The power of love also was a new thing that evolved in the new breed in Heretics of Dune but nothing appeared to be fruitful. Arrakis has finally been destroyed and the heirs have no place to go or live in, finally the Bene Gesserits have gathered on a green world for their living. But everything around them is coming to an end sooner or later.

Making a shift from the planet too seems to be an impossible task in such conditions. No doubt the whole race needs the emergence of a hero before it is too late. Frank Herbert come to us loaded with narrators this time and all including Euan Morton, Scott Brick, Simon Vance and Katherine Kellgren have done a good job.

This was the last chapter Frank wrote before his death and surely the writer has used all the talent that he possessed for the writing of the climax. The only issue however with the narration is that the narrators should have used female voices for female characters only.

The intermixing of the male and female pitch tense you a bit on rarer occasion but over all there is no error of any sort anywhere in the whole book. The legend no doubt has the potential and passion that it can live forever in the heart, mind and soul of its listeners.



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