Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Audiobook

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Book 1 Audiobook

Chocolates are one of the most beloved treats for kids and they love eating them whenever they have a chance to get one. But this is a story of kids who get a chance to be there in the Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory that is going to open there and the five lucky kids will be allowed to go in there and see through the whole thing.

It is surely an exciting experience for the kids of all ages. But the five of them who have been selected to visit are not different from all but still will find many experiences making lots of memorable memories in their mind. Roald Dahl had made use of his own experience from the childhood when the kids had always a chance to taste the chocolate from various companies.

The story has the enchanting narration effects from the narrator Douglas Hodge who has given the best expression to keep the kid’s imagination going until the end. This is the Book 1 from the series Charlie Bucket and surely is a gem for kids to keep them engaged in the most interesting journey of the Chocolate Factory.

Here Augustus Gloop the fat boy, Veruca Salt a spoiled Kid, Violet Beauregarde the gum chewer and Mike Teavee the gangster kid, and Charlie Bucket who is the Hero boy in the story will be taking us to the adventurous trip to the chocolate factory. You may find more interesting stories of the same kind from this Author including Matilda, James and the Giant Peach.

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List book in the series

  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Audiobook
  2. Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator Audiobook

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