Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator Audiobook

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Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator Audiobook

Roald Dahl has created an interesting part 2 of the Charlie Bucket where Charlie Bucket is on another adventure for packing up some great things together with his gang. Charlie Bucket enjoyed and had a great adventurous time with his friends while on his trip to the chocolate factory in Book 1 i.e Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And now when you see him flying in the sky in an elevator that picks up a lot of speed and gets out of the control of everybody on it. While it goes up, the whole gang including Charlie and Willy Wonka are going up in the space and travel through the time lapse as well. They will be visiting the first space hotel with all the unknown creatures adding up more thrilling moments in their unusual journey.

The whole story has been written in the light of all the imaginative characters kids could enjoy. This is truly a thrilling adventure for kids with lots of imagination and fantasy around every corner of it. In the voice of Douglas Hodge, the story keeps on developing in an interesting way that no one could stop listening to. Just like the other stories written by the Author titled Matilda kids can find many moments to enjoy a lot. Kids would not stop listening to it if they are looking for a total fantasy that would not leave anything untapped that comes to the minds. This surely an awesome story with fabulous narration to keep all things up to the listener’s expectation.


List book in the series

  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Audiobook
  2. Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator Audiobook

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