Charming Hannah

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People love the way Charming Hannah presented the whole storyline of the book with perfect character representation. Brad Hull who is the new police chief has his responsibilities cut out for him. He had to ensure the safety of the citizens, but a lot of issues are standing in his way. Brad thought he has seen all he desires in a woman. Hannah Malone is strong, funny, focused, and very beautiful. He was determined to conquer her heart but one thing stood in his way.

Hannah is an easy going young woman who thought she already had her life, dreams and aspirations figured out. Cunningham Falls is her new home and she is determined to make her new home as fun-filled and enjoyable as possible.

But there is always a twist of faith sometimes in life, isn’t it?

Everything was moving according to plan for Brad until an impudent doctor moved into town, disrupting the normalcy and tranquility they have enjoyed. Hannah’s past has come back to haunt her, and he has been thrown in a state of dilemma. Is he strong enough to stand by her and protect their love or will he allow the cop in him to take precedence?

The audiobook is really an enthralling one with the ideal voice representation of the characters. Hannah’s anxiety issue was well represented and it’s intriguing to know what real life people pass through every day and the decisions they are taking to resolve their problems and differences.

The tempo, tonal inflection, and the entire storyline is impressive, as well as the progressive narrative which ends well too. The most entertaining aspect of the audiobook is surely the characters of Brad and Hannah. Charming Hannah’s books are always captivating, and this one surely does not lack in that aspect. More stories people would love to include Savor You and Come Away with Me from the same author.




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