Chasing River

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Amber is chasing River Delaney this time in a new story of the series for a thank you because he saved her life and also she wants to know why. Amber was on a trip in Dublin where her life could have ended if Rivers would not be there. But Rivers never gave her a chance to say the magical words; he just helped her and left in a flash. This attitude of his made the girl more curious and she started the search.

After a hard search of many days she finally comes to know that the man she is looking for runs a Pub and thus he was never that hard to find. The one thing she was unaware of was River’s brother Aengus who sits in bad company all the time and because of this he is not in the good books of his elder brother.

Amber shows desperation to meet the man who saved her and though she is not the kind of girl who would go behind men but in this case she is attracted like a nail to a magnet. Because of Aengus and the company he keeps having a girl around the pub is not a good option so despite of the fact that Rivers like Amber he wants to stay away from her as far as possible.

K.A. Tucker the real guru in writing love tales has the power to outclass everyone around when it is about the description of strange love. Elizabeth Louise is not new it was she who made the stories One Tiny Lie and Four Seconds to Lose among the highlights. Steve West is new for the series but the old battle axe has the voice tailored made for such kind of stories.

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