Child of God

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Child of God is a literature genre fiction with a mind-blowing story that will surely mesmerize you. The book is written by Cormac McCarthy in his signature style which the audience liked for its originality and creativity.

Cormac McCarthy has done several other fictional books that deserves to be mentioned here. No Country for Old Men and The Road are the ones that did quite well for the author and did good business over several years.

Tom Stechschulte is the narrator of this novel which actually is the highlight of this audio version of the novel. Tom is an experienced narrator and for this one he managed to give a top performance by bringing all his experience into play. Audience loved every bit of it and especially for the easy to understand accent and expression of Tom.

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The story in this chilling and taut audiobook revolves around the central character of Lester Ballard. He had the reputation of being a bad guy apparently. He was someone who is quite violent and got falsely accused of rape.

He haunted the hill of Tennessee (East) when he got freed from jail. While telling this amazing and spine-chilling story, the author brings up the most repugnant aspects of life. The key points highlighted about life were all full of honor, dignity and distinctive lyrical braininess. You will get deeply involved right from the very start of this novel.

Cormac McCarthy is a majestic writer and he knows what the audience are actually looking for. The story of this novel and the powerful narration have a separate fan base and you will hardly have any contrary opinion about this. Member Benefit

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