Children of Dune

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Children of Dune is another sensational novel by the famous author, Frank Herbert. His is again at his literary writing best and produced a high ranked novels both in the books of critics and among his fans as well. The novel is the 3rd book of the Dune novel series and 14th chapter of the Dune Saga.

The science fiction thriller has everything, which you would like to witness in a top quality novel from the genre. The narration like many other prior boos from the series is once again a team effort between Scott Brick and Simon Vance, where both have impressed with their immense tonal quality and expressive voices, which was the need of the story actually.

The sand ridden world of Arakkis at one time is now turned fully green, fertile and watered. Paul Atreides, who actually led the desert Fremen and is the responsible person for the religious and political supremacy of the galaxy. But, he is gone now.

However, for the children of Dune, he immense and desirable blossoming of the land has got the seeds coming from its own destruction. The changed climate is actually abolishing the sandworms and in return, this is all very calamitous for the economy of the planet.

Ghanima and Leto, he twin kids of Paul and also his heirs could actually see the probable solutions.

Dune Messiah and Good Emperor of Dune are other novels from the famous writer, Frank Herbert and they also are part of the Dune Saga, which you must have anticipated already by their titles. You will surely have a great literary time listening to the audio versions of these two recommended novels by Frank Herbert.





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    God Emperor of Dune


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