Children of Time

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Old race on the new earth once again start the battle for survival as mankind reaches the Terraformed planet to inherit it as their new home.

Adrian Tchaikovsky in the voice of Mel Hudson gives a nice start to a fine series “Children of time” in which the human race leave the mother earth because it didn’t remain suitable for living anymore.

Traveling among the stars they find an ideal planet that possesses all the characteristics of the mother earth. The drama really takes the height when the humans confront the new heirs of the so-called earth.

And for the first time they come to know that the earth that their ancestors created for them long ago is not stranded anymore and nor it was waiting to welcome them.  Rather it was waiting for them as a hunter waits for its prey with traps set all-around.

The two humans start a battle for survival and their survival means the survival of the whole human race that hangs in balance along with the two people who have luckily a fighting nature otherwise it would have been a drastic end to the God’s finest creature.

The series is in continuation and thus one cannot understand the story without listening the complete thing. So the you can listen to the other parts like Children of Ruin and Redemption’s Blade along with this one so that he can get the whole picture of human calamity.

The hidden mysteries along with the chill and the thrill grip us throughout and no doubt that has been the writer’s main strength in the whole series that binds our full focus with the progress of the tale.

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    Children of Ruin


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