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    What can you do to run away from your destiny is the question that K.F. Breene puts before the listeners in the opening of this new series “Warrior Chronicles”. Shanti is the chosen one, that’s what everyone believes except her of course.

    The prophecy says that whenever the war will approach the land a warrior will emerge this time it’s Shanti with her magical powers. She on the other hand wants to run away from the scene, and that’s why ends up in striving for her life on the wastelands.

    Luckily she if picked by Sanders and his band and saved but it means that he and his band have brought war to their land. Shanti is left with no choice to except to unleash her powers in order to save and protect those who saved her once. The people also support her but not all of them as some of them think that she should be handed over to Xandre who wants her in his force.


    A novel of turns and twists not something we have seen in the books like Born in Fire and Raised in Fire in which the main character is clear about his powers and duties. Shanti has the powers but lacks the courage to take the burden of leadership on her shoulders.

    She is always running away from the scene after each battle that she wins. Thus a confusing sort of character is what we see in the novel throughout. The novel is narrated in the voice of Caitlin Davies who has tried hard for this tough task as the novel never moves steadily on the same pace. Narrating the ups and downs is always tough to handle for the narrators but it is done with great skill in this novel.

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