Christmas Past

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A simple plan goes upside down when the Max and Mathew jump in time like they often do and mostly it is for study purpose or an investigation about truth of an event. There are very little occasions when they are allowed to move here and there in time at their own will. Even during holiday time Dr. Bairstow tells them where to go for a trip, it was clearly depicted in The Great St. Mary’s Day Out. And once when Max jumped on her own will in Lies, Damned Lies and History and things went a lot wrong.

She has never tried to experiment after that and now she is in for another tour just to greet some friends in the nineteenth century that’s all. No other research motive and no orders from the Dr. Just Max and Matthew the main characters plan this trip and Christmas greeting go bizarre when they don’t get what they were expecting.

Thus the two are forced to investigate things further and they want to get all the clues about this change in the history. And they want to put the pieces back together in history the way they liked it to be.

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The real spark was missing in the last part because Zara Ramm’s voice was absent. Most of the followers of the series take Zara as the official narrator of the series and were really amazed not hear the same voice in the last chapter. Well no issue now because Zara is back on the job with the same energy that was expected and anticipated by such a sensational and one of a kind narrator. Member Benefit

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