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Churchill is a memoir, a biography on the life of Churchill. It is written by Andrew Roberts. This is a long book, which lasts for 50 hours in its audio version. The narration of this book is done by Stephen Thorne and his voice will keep you engaged to the story of Churchill for all these hours.

When we look for examples of great leaders with great courage, then one of the few names that unanimously comes to our mind is of Winston Churchill. He was a visionary and an iconic leader, who always stood strong with all his beliefs and that too, when every other person doubted him, his integrity and his courage as well.

But, how dis the young Winston managed to become the great Churchill? What were the reasons and motives behind his enduring strength in order to courageously take on the army of Nazi Germany, when countless bombs were fired on London?

The author Andrew Roberts in this book gives all his audience the definitive and full Winston Churchill story. It encapsulated everything from his birth to his lasting legacy.

This chapter was only possible due to the immense efforts put in by Andrew Roberts, the author himself into the research of Winston Churchill. He managed to get access of the war Cabinet meeting transcripts and some unpublished memoirs from Churchill and a few letter, which altogether makes it a highly compulsive book.

The author, Andrew Roberts is known for writing nonfictional books, which could be a memoir, biography or anything related with history. A couple of his recommended novels, which you should consider listening to are The Storm of War and Leadership in War.

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