Cinnamon Kiss

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This novel is really a special one from Walter Mosley, which earned him a great repute as a novelist. It is more so because of his entire Easy Rawlins novel series, which has left a great impression of Walter Mosley over all his fans, followers and critics. This specific novel, Cinnamon Kiss is the 10th part of the Easy Rawlins mystery novel series. Michael Boatman once again has partnered with the author to give some really awe-inspiring narration of the novel.

Easy Rawlins in Cinnamon Kiss is up against the toughest challenge of his entire detective legacy. This time, a horrific murder took the attention of Easy, which was committed during the Summer of Love. The Cinnamon Kiss open up in this Summer of Love and there is Easy expecting to rob an armored car. It is very far away from the law than he has ever voyaged. But, Feather, his daughter is in dire need of a medical treatment, which is not affordable for Easy at the moment. His dear friend Mouse tells him that it is not difficult to have that much money for the treatment of his daughter. Saul Lynx, another friend of Easy offered a job, which might ease problems of Easy. The job was to find the missing attorney. “Cinnamon” Cargill, his assistant of sorts is gone away as well.

One thing Easy knows for sure is that there is a lot more than he is actually told.

Little Green and Little Scarlet novels by Walter Mosley were also highly appreciated by the book enthusiasts and also by his critics. You must listen to the audio version of these novels in order to have a great relaxing treat for yourself.






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