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Its gods verses men again but looks like the human world possess an upper hand this time as they have Circe. Though the daughter of a god and goddess she possess nothing at all, no super powers and no super human strength.

Thus she is thrown in the human world for a match in the mortals and she comes to human world she realizes something strange. She does possess a power, i.e the power of witch craft and it proves to be so lethal that it could have an impact on the gods as well.

She with her magic can change her enemies into monsters as well after which they can be tamed. The whole thing becomes a sign of worry for the great Zeus as he throws her to an isolated island as an exile.

The powers of witch craft develops more and more in the young girl as she confronts many of the gods one after the other and defeating them in sheer fight. The only problem still remains that Circe’s emergence in power makes the humans and the gods her enemies and both want her dead at any rate.

It is left up to her that whether she wants to join the side of the gods once again or want to protect the people that she has started loving on the earth. Madeline Miller takes a character from mythology and presents in with a nice blend of modernism. That has been the art of the writer as old character are presented in a new way we experience the same thing in The Song of Achilles as well.

The voice of Perdita Weeks also aids the character of Circe to quite an extent. Her magical powers and the magic that she utters through her mouth is narrated excellently we tend to get a feeling of her emotions as well. The sound takes the next gear at the time of fights with the beats.


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