City of Dragons

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City of Dragons is volume 3 of The Rain Wild Chronicles trilogy. For the Realms of the Elderlings saga, the same novel is its chapter 12. The author behind this amazing novel and series is Robin Hobb. She is a prolific writer of many science fiction fantasies and the City of Dragons is one of them. Some of her other magnificent works include the novels like Dragon Keeper and The Farseer: Assassin’s Apprentice. You will have a great time when you experience these novels in audio format and especially if you are a fan of fantasy fiction.

Anne Flosnik has done the narration of this ultimate novel from The Rain Wild Chronicles. As compared to her other performances in the series, this one was above average but still missed to hit the bull’s eye.

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The Rain Wilds was once ruled by the dragons which are now inclined by the many fortunate human retainers who are known as Elderlings. However, a series of unexpected catastrophic events almost drove these amazing creatures to extermination. The last of these creatures had one definite hope for survival despite being born quite deformed and weak. That hope was to make a return to the Kelsingra city. The dragons started on this harsh journey while being accompanied by a group of desperate and untested keepers.

The majority of the novels written by Robin Hobb are longer and usually last for over 20 hours at a minimum in the audio format. However, this one is just 13 hours long and the audience finds it a bit frustrating as they wanted to hear more from the author. The City of Dragons content-wise is perfect and recommended to fantasy fiction lovers.


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