City of Nope

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City of Nope – The Excoms, Book 3 – Brett Battles

Brett Battles third book of the series again tells us about crime scenes and mysteries, but the flavor of turns and twists never bores us, not even for a single moment. We are once again back with Ananke and his team the Excoms whom we always find engaged in a mission with of course an uphill task included that only they can deal with. This time however things even got big for our team of heroes that at the start was hoping for a relax time after performing one or two hectic tasks.

But the thing that emerges is so big that the officials had no option instead of calling the A team for the job that includes the finding and rescuing of about hundred prisoners that went missing all of sudden with almost no clues at all. Such suspense and action can also be enjoyed in writer’s other books like The Fractured: Jonathan Quinn, Book 12 – Brett Battles, Town at the Edge of Darkness: The Excoms, Book 2 – Brett Battles.

These two books almost share the same flavor as the current one. The writer starts the story in such a way that the whole thing creates several questions in our mind and we in order to find the answers start going through the story quickly listening or reading one page after another so that we can reach to the final conclusion at a rapid pace. The book also has a complete description of several places which shows that the writer has made quite a research in order to describe the whole track. Allyson Johnson starts the narration a bit slow and casual manner but in the later stages the voice fits nicely with the whole thing.


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