City of Phants

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Professional and personal life always goes side by side in a person’s life but when it comes to choosing between the two every man chooses the personal life. Rade proves to be no different when the time comes to choose between the people of the universe and his own kids. Another client another simple job brings ruination to humanity. The client wanted to reach her secret base but when they reach the base it was completely destroyed. The ruins let them discover a new star system that existed so close to them.

In those circumstances the client hires the squad for another job, the entire squad is asked to protect something valuable with their lives. The transportation technology if gone to the enemy hands can bring devastation for the entire galaxy. An old enemy also emerges to the scene and for the safety of his children Rade does something that was not expected of him. Rade betrays his mission and the team to get his kids to safety and for that he shows readiness to use that forbidden technology even. Unexpected changes for someone who has recently gone through Quantum Predation  and Alien Empress because this is not the kind of captain Isaac Hooke introduced in those books.

We see Rade as a man who is running and hiding and shows disloyalty to his work and people. The narrator is the same and Luke Daniels is playing the role well but then there are times in this series when we feel that the female voice should also be there for the female characters. Because of the male voice the ladies in the stories are not getting any popularity throughout.

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