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Laurann Dohner has a habit of setting a strange sort of stage for her characters and this time she joins forces with Kele Moon. Together the two authors take us to the land of the werewolves where anything goes. The only human soul present among the rest of the nightmarish creatures is Brandi who has not come to this strange forest on will.

Firstly the girl was abducted and then the circumstances brought her to this place where she is constantly on the run. Devilish creatures want to claim Brandi but then her hero emerged from within the forest and saved her life. Jason the one who saved the girl was a werewolf but for Brandi, he proved to be a lot more than just an ordinary werewolf.

His attraction appealed to the girl to the core and she wanted to be with him until another incident happened. Jason saw his category of creatures attacking a human and when he saved the girl he fell for her. Not only this, the werewolf bit her too and thus the relation was created which means Brandi is not part of the story anymore. With Jessee Foudray in the narration department, the book can make one attracted to it like a nail to a magnet. Shattered and Defying the Odds can never be enjoyed fully if one hasn’t listened to this one fully.

The book has passion, tragedy, heartbreak and above all an action that gets printed on the mind for a long time. Scenes in the woods provide the book a savage touch and this is what the two authors wanted in their masterpiece which is full of strange and scary creatures.

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