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Never has anyone told about history as a travelogue before in literature. Sam Heughan, Graham McTavish, and Diana Gabaldon have created this special book in a new way. The three narrate it like none other as the reader starts feeling that he too is with the three guys narrating the tale. The journey starts simply when the three-pack their bags and move on the deserted road of their native land.

On the way, they witness the beauty of the Scottish land along with the rich culture which has attracted tourists for centuries. Together with the three laughs, enjoy and have whisky as a treat. Culloden’s battlefield makes the journey more interesting and the impact of the book stronger.

Through the description of the war in the novel, the listener gets the time to go back to Scottish history and learn about the warriors of the time. It is pure masculine stuff that we witness throughout after that. The war moves along with the journey of the three travelers and though they don’t take part in the battle their adventure, as well as their lives, gets seriously affected. Friendship is tested in the most serious situations; the three just don’t leave each other’s hand in any situation.

War is there in the books but there is not a lot of struggle by the main characters as they just watch and try to pass by without being indulged in the affairs of the battlefield. It cannot be termed as a novel; it is more of a history item with a flavor of adventure. Ending or climax does not provide sensation as it goes on in the same way as it was started.

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