Climbing with Mollie

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Climbing with Mollie is a personal memoir written by William Finnegan. It is a beautiful story about a father-daughter relationship. This story will give a great lesson to all parents, who goes on to read this. You will get to enjoy listening to the point of view of a dad about his growing beloved daughter and having her own individuality within that relationship.

The book share encounters about their climbing adventure and the bond they created between them as partner in the sport. Many of the listeners believe that Mollie is lucky to have such a father, which is true. This is something that you will feel in almost every sentence of this book. But, the dad himself is lucky to have a daughter like Mollie.

The dad on his end acknowledges that he has absolutely no ego in admitting to the fact that his daughter is smart and strong, which he might not be. This is something really special about the book and you surely will admire. The father’s love, motivating her daughter and helping her discover her strengths is another great thing about this relationship and the book, which is really commendable.

William Finnegan himself is the narrator of this novel as well and as per the feedback and reviews, he has done great justice to his dual role in the production of this novel. In The New Yorker, the author, William Finnegan has worked since 1987 as a staff writer. He has reported from many countries such as, Somalia, South Africa, Mexico, Mozambique, Spain, South America, Madagascar, Central America, Australia, Ukraine and Britain and also from many places within the United States.



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