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Undying Mercenaries stands above all the other works of B.V. Larson and it is an admitted fact that Larson never gave such concentration to his works before. In the twelfth portion of the series James McGill is once again called for a special mission that only he was able to perform. Since the beginning James is known for one thing in particular i.e perfection in the unique missions that he accepts every now and then. This time however the perfection in the completion of the mission results in a war throughout the land because the enemy takes it personally.

Game goes out of hands as both of sides try to find help from other sources and it comes in the form of two fleets that can change the course of the war in no time. The clash becomes such a disaster that millions of people find themselves homeless and in the middle of the civil war which means death sooner or later for all. All eyes are fixed now on the one that was the sole result of all the hell that has been unleashed on the earth.

McGill with the help of the extraordinary power goes on the biggest mission of his life with whole of the humanity depending on it at the same time.

The series comprises of different missions and parts like Steel World and Armor World can be read as a single book and still one can enjoy it fully. The narration by Mark Boyett proves to be really fascinating as in enhances the impression of the war to the next level. Downfall of the heroes and the villains at the same time looks really appealing to the eye.





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