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Tracy Crosswhite in this fifth case of the series starts something that becomes tough for her in the long run. Robert Dugoni starts telling about a military conspiracy in a bold way as a hit and run case that is given to Tracy becomes the biggest case of her life.

On investigating the death of a young boy Tracy finds out that the one behind the murder is not an ordinary person. He is an on-duty naval and as he is arrested and taken to the military court everything suddenly goes in his favor as important evidence vanishes all of a sudden.

Tracy does not hold with all this as she knows that its pure injustice and something has to be done against it. A few days later however the detective finds a driver drugged and that overdose of the heroine cost the accident.

The case at once takes a different course as Tracy realizes that it was never a simple case of a common murder something more was linked to it. Something that involves a whole body or an organization. That naval officer was just a single piece of the puzzle that was saved by the people that involve certain people in the army as well.

The book shares the sensation of The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell and Her Final Breath, books that are written by the same author. Emily Sutton-Smith has narrated up to the mark like the previous parts and surely is a true specialist of narrating detective novels. The action scenes are well narrated along with a brilliant pitch and a voice with pure excitement in it.

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