Close Your Eyes

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Close Your Eyes is the opening book in Kendra Michael’s novel series. It is a mystery thriller with lots of simmering suspense. The book is written by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen. Roy is the son of Iris Johansen. They both have come up with several well-written mystery novels. Roy is also a recipient of the Edgar Award. High Stakes and A Face to Die For are a couple of best mystery thrillers by Iris Johansen which she wrote individually.

The audio narration of the book is done by Elisabeth Rodgers. She was flawless with her inflections and accent.

Kendra Michaels was a music therapist who was always into helping others. She cherished the simple and ordinary life that she achieved after her sight was restored through stem surgery. She perfected a lot of skills during her time which she spent sightless. She developed the skill of picking up the perfect audio along with olfactory and tangible signals with the world that was all around her.

Her mind was also known to be laser-sharp which made her an excessively powerful observer of things and an excellent problem solver. Her eerie way of connecting the dots was as mysterious to the law enforcement agency as it was legendary.

When Adam Lynch, a former observer known as the Puppetmaster came to her with a probable serial killing case then she was fully determined to stay clear. But, he had the reputation of a tarnished manipulator. He was skilled with the handling of his colleagues and criminals alike to get the results. This time, he had a trump card. The ex-lover of Kendra was the next possible victim. He was an FBI agent who disappeared with not many clues to follow.

The story is good and it could have been better if it was ended more romantically.

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