Closed Casket

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The pair of Sophie Hannah and Agatha Christie moves on well with this new evolution of the Hercule Poirot mysteries. Since the first launch of The Monogram Murders the series is seen in a new gear especially the narration of Julian Rhind-Tutt proves to be a pleasant change. The narrator is more motivated and it is apparent from the quality of the voice that the narrator knows about the true demand of the book.

The plot is found in several layers which can term it as a complex plot but it is not that complex that one can start calling it a teasing thing. The scenes are easily understood and the plot is simplified by the characters who are simple and straightforward type of categories. So they help in the understanding and simplification of the plots.

Nicely blended plot and characters has been a trademark of the writer and now we are seeing additions which mean a sign of experimentation. Catchpole for instance the new assistance of Hercule proves to be a pleasant change and though we don’t find Catchpole much appealing but more work can be done on it in the later stages.

The Monogram Murders and The Mystery of Three Quarters are some other books that relate with the current one as most of the things appear to be the same apart from the main plot.

Closed casket refers to the element of the past that allow us to sneak into the past as well that we have forgotten because it was such a long time ago thus it is like a refresher for our ears and mind.





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