Cold Fire

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The novel with thrill and horror combine surely never leaves the attention of the reader. Dean Koontz presents a man that is perhaps blessed with supernatural power with which he can see the future and after every now and then he appears on the scene and saves life of people in distress, though the person acts like a savior and uses his power in the right way but that does not make him happy as one suppose it should.

He travels a lot at one time we see him in Portland saving a boy at the spot of an accident when a drunken driver was just about to ram him. The next time we meet or observe Jim Ironheart he is found in Boston saving another one this time from an explosion of a large magnitude and in Houston he saves a woman from her almost madly enraged husband.

He pretends to be a guardian angel but still from his mood one thing is pretty clear that he does not appear to be happy as he should be after every such holy act.

The reporter covering the story even falls in love with him but it is through Holly Thorne the reporter we start analyzing the strange behavior of the man as why he whispers during sleep even and always whispers the same thing that tells about the doom of the whole human race that only he could see and it so drastic that even he cannot stop it even if knows what is going to happen. Carol Cowan and Michael Hanson have kept good pace in the narration of this terrific thriller.



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