Cold Heart: Detective Kate Matthews, Book 3 Audiobook

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Stephen Edger’ another thriller surely makes a mark in our mind when we read or listen to it. The detective Kate Mathews series is well known for its high emotions and also suspense in every scene with fear as an extra ingredient to add to the spice of the story. The story is about a fifteen-year-old who never returns to her house after visiting her friend’s place nearby her house. Kate is looking for clues and also hoping against hope that she could find Daisy the fifteen-year-old alive that she could safely deliver to her parents. During the search for the clues about the lost girl, she finds herself face to face with a series of murder mysteries that are somehow connected to the kidnap of young Daisy.

She finds a foot which does not match the DNA of Daisy but is connected to a murder of a young girl. Kate soon finds out that a mysterious murderer is doing all this and in order to gain the attention of families of the lost girls he sends their body parts to them through parcels which show his sick nature as well. Kate leaves no stone unturned in the search she searches Daisy’s facebook account even and also keeps an eye on Daisy’s family as well that appears to be suspicious in the eyes of Kate. Each clue in the story not only helps in solving the mystery of the lost girl but also horrifies us with the way it unfolds in front of our eyes in the form of a foot or a heart.
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