Cold Storage

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Cold Storage is a horror fiction novel with a spine-chilling story and situations. The author behind this amazing novel is David Koepp who have all the idea as how to grab the attention of the audience to make the read the book from start till the end.

Rupert Friend has done the narration of this novel who had the best idea what the expression and tone should be for the characters in horror fiction novels. The audience in this novel thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Rupert Friend.

When Roberto Diaz, a Pentagon operator was deployed for the biochemical attack investigation, he discovered something even worse. It was actually an extremely mutative organism which was capable of leading massive destruction in the world. He contained that organism and apparently buried it in the cold storage right beneath an already used military repository.

Now after decades of being left unattended in the sub-basement, the organism managed to find its way out of that forgotten basement. Only Diaz had an idea that how this could be stopped.

Diaz races all across the country to help a couple of security guards where one was an ex-con and the other one was a single mother. On one harrowing night, the unlikely trio should figure out the way to quarantine this absolute horror again. All they got with themselves was fearlessness, sheer luck and some mordant sense of humor.

Many of you might know that the author David Koepp was also the screenwriter of the blockbuster motion movie named Jurassic Park. He carried on with that reputation in Cold Storage which is his debut novel. The Cold Storage novel on every level is pure entertainment in the unadulterated form.

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