Cold Welcome

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War is over and Kylara’s side won it because of her skills in the warfare thus it is time for her to go home. During fight in outer space she has not visited her home planet for quite a while and when she gets a welcome call she starts toward it at once. She is told by the authorities there that a welcome party is arranged in her regard but ironically she gets bomb shells as a first treat. Her ship gets destroyed and all her communications with her allies are gone in seconds.

Ky runs for her life and during this struggle she finds a band of unlikely heroes who are ready to obey her every command. Same as Marque and Reprisal and Engaging the Enemy once again Ky is hiding from her enemy and preparing a war plan. However, this time the enemy is not a hostile alien race rather they are the people from her home planet that want her dead at all cost.

Her friends in the other corner of the planet are trying to enter in the enemy zone for her help but they somehow are not getting a secure passage. Thus Ky is on her own to resist and fight for her life, at the same time she again has men to support her and she just cannot leave them alone in the battle. Elizabeth Moon brings the favorite character back in business and just when the fans were expecting that the war was over it restarts on the home planet.

Brittany Pressley gets the chance to narrate this new installment of the series. Brittany had some trouble in the beginning, adjusting with Ky’s voice because she was doing it the first time but the adjustment is appreciable.




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