Come Sundown

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Come Sundown is an elegant novel written by Nora Roberts. It is a standalone novel from the writer based on contemporary fiction genre. Elisabeth Rodgers has given the powerful narration of this 17-hour long novel, which you wills surely enjoy.

The novel is packed with some top notch suspense as well. It is about family ties and some emotional twisted passions as well.

The Bodine ranch and resort is an ideal spot in western Montana for vacationers. It is just a touch over 30,000 acres and it is a home to 4 different generations. The place is been run by Bodine Longbow with the support of a large staff that include Callen Skinner as a new hire. There was yet another family member as well once, who was the aunt of Bodine, named Alice. She ran away before the birth of Bodine and never returned back. Bodine Longbow doesn’t like talking much about her. The younger peeps, who never met her actually presumed quietly that Alice is dead. But, in reality, she is not dead, but alive. She is not too far away either and she is part of a new family now, which she never chose herself, and her mind as of now is completely shattered.

At the time when a bartender at the resort left the place late at night, both Callen and Bodine found his dead body in the snow. It was the first sign that danger is there in those mountains that surround the place. The police declared Callen as a suspect, but Bodine had full trust in him.

Dark Witch and Shadow Spell are other classical novels written by Nora Roberts, which promises to be entertaining enough to be worth your time.





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