Command Decision

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Vatta’s war reaches to book four of the series, the warrior girl i.e Kylara stands in the enemy’s way rock solid and she is just going nowhere. Conspiracies have not broken her and she is not an inch different in aggression. The enemies are growing in power and they are taking over the galaxy at a rapid pace but they are not getting everything that easily.

Ky is gathering allies from all side in order to launch an attack on the enemy. Things still are not easy for the young girl because she has only three ships at present and not all of them are exactly warships. If she starts a fight at this position her three ships would be like sitting ducks against the enemy’s tremendous fighting ships. Stella was doubting Ky in Engaging the Enemy but she believes on the commander completely now. During this little free time that Stella is left with she is trying hard to bring the family together to increase the number of allies.

Attempts that Stella is making are not bearing any fruit yet but then she has no other option in hand. More trouble appears in the headquarters where Rafael discovers something big i.e a conspiracy that can bring an end to the whole struggle movement.

Damaged network is not being dealt seriously by the people at the headquarters and one thing is clear that there exists a black sheep among the top ranked officers. Elizabeth Moon presents Ky in a dejected mood after hearing about another treachery, she faced many things in Marque and Reprisal but now she looks exhausted. Cynthia Holloway adds a lot of sighs in narration but at the time of war Ky again gains the magical strength to beat all the obstacles.



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