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Heart touching emotions and high drama just as was expected in Lover decorates this finale written by Penelope Sky. Hades from the start of the series has been successful in many thinks and he has been so far the richest and most successful man in the town. The curse however does not allow him to enjoy the pleasures of his married life.

The prediction made in Wife eats him up in every second of his life and all he can do is just wait for the completion of prophesy. Hades married Sofia but the love was never there, he only had her body and that’s all. Then she started appearing as a zombie to him with no feelings at all. The reality now opens and Sofia reveals her love for Hades.

All the time she was trying to keep her son safe from the curse that hangs on her husband. Now when their son is safe it is up to Sofia to save her husband because he did everything in order to have her and he wanted nothing else in life more passionately than Sofia.

Lifting or breaking a curse is not an easy thing to do but now it is time for Sofia to act for the safety of the man who loves her more than his life. Last part can really make you cry if you have listen to the previous parts also narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo and Lia Langola. For the sake of love the torture that the two souls have to bear is just amazing and what started as a simple love story turns out to be an epic adventure.

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    Lover Betrothed Series, Book 3

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