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Joshua Gayou gives the book a start by telling us about the dinosaurs and the way they got erased from the face of the world. It was a big rock that destroyed the whole world of dinosaurs and that same kind of rock hits the world once again sending the developed human civilization into the Dark Ages. All that the humans created over the span of centuries was dashed to the ground and the age of computer could do nothing against such a calamity.

First country to get back on its feet is apparently the US; with the help of its army it tries to control the chaos on the land. Military not only helps the people to get their lives back on track but it also tries to control the restlessness that has started to emerge. Though everything was ample to send the civilization hundreds of years back in the past and then out of nowhere a virus also lands in the world. No one is safe from this deadly virus and things start to get worse each day.

R.C. Bray narrates a real hellish scene here; the author has created a catastrophe that people don’t even dream of in the real world. We should go directly to Commune: Book Three and Commune: Book Four after this one in order to know about the fate of human world quickly.

In the last chapters of this book the condition of the humans is very miserable and looks like they too would end up like the dinosaurs. The disaster that they faced has only one remedy i.e patience and reconstruction of whatever got destroyed in the process.

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