Commune: Book Three

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Jackson commune survived the summer with the ration that they had in their possession after the catastrophe. Winter has approached now and it is tougher than it looks because the food supplies are running quite low. There is nothing outside that could be taken in as food; everything is covered with heavy snow.

Wyoming snow is not the ordinary type; it seals all the routes and hides all the trees, even the leaves seem to disappear under it. Groups are being formed all over the world in this situation of war with the natural resources. US military camps are showing some activity during the snowy season and most of the hopes are set on these troops.

A tent city is under their guard and they are trying to provide the basic facilities of life to the people present in those tents. Nevada the second most densely populated area after the destruction is under the threat of hunger and lack of other facilities. Sooner or later the people present at both of these places are going to end up as dead skeletons in the bitter cold.

But Wyoming Mountains are not like that, the people staying there are in much better state so this thing could increase the number of enemies for them in the severe weather. Worldship: Udo the Digger and Commune had a battle for survival in them and Joshua Gayou just keeps the same theme coming for the fans in the mesmerizing voice of R.C. Bray.

Sooner or later the survivors of the earth will indulge in a fight for the resources and surely only one group would be able to survive out of all of this.

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