Commune: Book Two

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After the massive disaster that took the world to the Dark Ages there was a virus as well that brought the human beings to its knees. Many died during the catastrophic situation and now very few remain that are facing lack of the basic facilities of life. No human being ever imagined that the progress and prosperity would disappear so quickly in front of their eyes.

Now they search for food in the new settlement and situation is getting grim. More and more people are coming and gathering on the same spot which is making the facilities grow thin in every coming day. New search is needed for the supplies as production is not possible at this stage, there is also a threat that if the resources are found would they be enough for all the people. If the resources found are not ample for all it will surely start a war or competition between the remaining humans.

Only the fitter will survive and that too till the time the food supply is there after that it is all over for everyone. Joshua Gayou brings the survivors to mountains of Wyoming this time in the second part of the series. This base proves to be the last hope of the humans and if this perishes the human race would end like the dinosaurs. Worldship: Udo the Digger and Commune were Joshua’s previous hits and this one is equal to those masterpieces in all regards including the narrator R.C. Bray.

Hope is gone now and only a miracle can save the humans from a war in which they will surely kill one another for food.

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