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Compete is a beautiful audiobook for children. It is a science fiction fantasy and the book is chapter 2 of the Atlantis Grail Series. This is written by Vera Nazarian who is quite good with her fiction, wonder fiction, and science fiction fantasies for younger audiences. The American-Russian author has delivered quite a few quality novels for the literary enthusiasts where the most loved ones by them are: Qualify and Survive.

Sofia Willingham did a brilliant job as a narrator and allowed some super entertainment to the followers in the audio format.

With the Earth near to be destroyed by a huge asteroid, the teenage nerd girl Gwen Qualifies for rescuing mission but just barely. Countless ark ships for the rescue purpose are headed to Atlantis, the ancient colony planet.

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Life is now in an alien environment with several tough choices that span to a year-long time in space. Gwen should decide that what she would become now. Will she be a Civilian or a Fleet Cadet? A lover or a friend? Extraordinary or average? Is Gwen able to make new friends now? Is it possible for her to trust her old mates such as Logan, who is her high school crush?

The uncanny potential of Gwen comes up with the best possible answers in this crisis and it manages to save not only her life but of others as well. Her unique voice now makes her a very important commodity to all the Atlanteans.

This book is pure love. Even if you have read it in the print version then the audiobook experience would be a completely fresh one. Such is the powerful narration by Sofia Willingham who made it sound so cool. Member Benefit

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